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Contract Management and Administration (Based on FIDIC Standard)

Red, Orange, Yellow, and Silver Book

This Contract Management and Administration training course explains the practical application of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (the “Construction Contract”) and the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (the “Design-Build Contract”). Whether you are Client, Consultant or Contractor this training program will help you to gain confidence on FIDIC documents. It provides extensive checking measures and work exercises to give all delegates a comprehensive understanding of the proper management of these contracts.

Course Details

FIDIC conditions of contracts are used in the construction industry internationally, it is the de-facto standard followed by middle east and the QATAR. Whether you are consulting engineer, contractor or an employer, gaining knowledge in the FIDIC Red and Yellow book plays a vital role with the management and administration of works contracts.

Contract Management Administration (based on FIDIC standard) course is designed based on case work, interactive discussion, and practical application of various contract conditions.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the fundamentals of FIDIC contracts and contract documents.
2. Initiate and manage the FIDIC Contracts.
3. Administer the ongoing supervision of FIDIC contracts.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

A combination of lectures, discussions, exercises, and cooperative learning will be used. Active learning will focus on discussed based on trainee project scenarios related to the application of qualitative and quantitative methods that will facilitate decision making in contract management problems in both the local and international contexts, and assessed through a standard structured response questions.

Module 1: FIDIC Contracts

  • Introduction to FIDIC
  • FIDIC and Legal Systems
  • Preparation of Conditions of Contract
  • Which form to use?
  • Responsibilities of the Main Parties
  • Overview of the 1999 Contracts

Module 2: Managing FIDIC Contracts

Contract documents  Award and Tender Security
  Conditions of Contract
  Definition of the Engineer , Start-up  Appoint of the Engineer
  Contractor’s Representative
  Works programmed and cash flow
  Quality Assurance and Control
  Compliance with Local Law
  Contractor’s reports

Module 3: Case Study

  • Case study covering Learning Outcome 1

Module 4: Managing FIDIC Contracts (cont.…)

  • Financial Control Bill of Quantities and Unit Prices
     Provisions Sums
     Variations & Variation Orders
     Valuation of Variations
     Measurement of Works
     Interim Payment & Certificates
     Monitoring and reporting Work progress

Module 5: Claims, Disputes and Arbitration

  • Claims and Claims Management
  • Contractors and Employers Claims
  • Limitation of Liabilities
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Adjudication Board